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SIGGRAPH is excited to share the details of a Themed Entertainment Contest brought to our community by FlyOver Canada (FOC). We invite creators to develop content specific to the FOC Theatre System that supports motion, spray mist and wind effects. Let your mind run free and develop an experience attendees will never forget as they are fully immersed in your creative.

SIGGRAPH subject matter experts and FOC executives will review all contest entries and select four finalists, and then a winner amongst those four. The winner will receive a complimentary Full Conference registration to SIGGRAPH 2018 and a prize pack from FOC including a $10,000 USD cash prize plus airfare and hotel accommodations in Vancouver for three nights (not to exceed $5,000 USD)! Best of all, the winner will have the opportunity to experience their exciting content on FOC’s high-end platform in person at an evening cocktail event.

Entries are closed. Finalists and winner will be announced 10 July.

To give entrants a better idea of the type of footage that works in this environment 30 second sample footage will be sent following registration.

Scroll down to the Contest Guidelines and Rules to learn the technical and thematic requirements of contest submissions.

Contest Guidelines
and Rules

  1. All are invited to enter the “FOC Themed Entertainment Contest” with final winning content to be presented at a cocktail event at SIGGRAPH 2018.
  2. Theme Requirements: Created content should deliver a rich storytelling experience exploring one of the following themes: 1) Halloween/nightmare, 2) Flight, 3) Chinese New Year or 4) Generations. Note: Content needs to be suitable for all age groups; however, Halloween/nightmare can be either content that is for all age groups or content that may not be suitable for children without parental supervision.
  3. Experience Requirements: FlyOver Canada is a LBE facility with a fully immersive half-spherical screen, a suspended 6-DOF motion seating system, and special effects, including wind and spray mist. Submissions should be designed to take full advantage of these technologies to create the most engaging and immersive guest experience possible.
  4. Technical Requirements:
    Frame Resolution: 4096px X 2160px
    Frame Rate: 60.0fps
    Active Area: Offset circle about 3000px in diameter (template will be provided)
    Lens Mapping: Spherical, distance from center of active area corresponds to a polar coordinate on the screen, relationship is fairly linear near the center but becomes less linear farther out, precise mapping information can be provided, but a non-disclosure agreement may be required by FOC.
    Audio: 10 main channels, 4 surround, 1 subwoofer
  5. Duration Requirements: Each submission should be 3 to 4 minutes in length.
  6. Judging Process: All design submissions will be blind reviewed by a curatorial panel of FOC and SIGGRAPH industry experts. The judging criteria is as follows:
    a. Quality and uniqueness of storytelling (tied to one of the four designated themes)
    b. Quality of visuals
    c. Usage of the LBE immersive technologies (motion, wind and mist)
    d. Ability for content to integrate with LBE facilities
    e. Overall Experience
  7. Prize Detail: The winner will receive $10,000 USD from FOC. The winner will also receive a complimentary Full Conference registration to SIGGRAPH 2018 from SIGGRAPH. Additionally FOC will cover travel costs for the winner to Vancouver not to exceed $5,000 USD (includes airfare and hotel accommodations for three nights).
  8. Commercial Relationship: FOC may engage in a commercial relationship with the creator(s) of the winning submission to improve the overall quality of the submission and/or to develop additional content. This commercial relationship is fully at the discretion of the creator(s) and FOC.
  9. Multiple submissions are allowed by a creator, but each must be submitted individually.
  10. All content must be original and cannot have previously appeared in other public forums.

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