Thank you for agreeing to review a paper for SIGGRAPH. Your reviews have a direct and important impact on the quality of the most important conference in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Your reviews also help the community as a whole to improve the quality of its work. To access review materials and the web review forms, please log in to the submission portal using your standard submission account.

What to Look For

Look for the good in the paper. Minor flaws can be corrected and shouldn’t be a reason to reject a paper. Each paper that is accepted should, however, be sound and make a substantial contribution to the field. Please familiarize yourself with the information in the Art Papers Call for Submissions.

Ethics & Professionalism

Please read the ethics guidelines. It is extremely important that we uphold our reputation for treating ideas confidentially and professionally.

By accepting a paper for review, you are guaranteeing to review the following author required submission materials in the approved formats:

  • Abstract of 150 or fewer words summarizing the essential points of the manuscript
  • Representative image in JPG format
  • 3,500-words for Long Paper and 2,500-words for Short Paper (maximum) (including references and figure captions) complete with figures, and proofed, in PDF format for review purposes (need not be camera-ready)

And you are agreeing to review the following optional materials if they are included in the submissions:

  • QuickTime (.mov), AVI, or .mp4 format video file, no greater than 100 MB
  • A glossary if specialized or original terms are used in the manuscript, in either a UTF-16 encoded text file or as RTF.

If you are not willing to make this guarantee, please recuse yourself from reviewing the paper.

Blind Reviews

Authors were asked to take reasonable efforts to hide their identities, including not listing their names or affiliations and omitting acknowledgements. This information will, of course, be included in the published version.

Writing Reviews

  • Take enough time to write a thoughtful and detailed review. Short reviews are much less helpful to the authors and to other reviewers.
  • Be specific and detailed. For example, in the discussion of contribution and references, simply saying “This is well known” or “This has been done by others” is not sufficient. Cite specific publications or public disclosures of work.
  • Be generous. Give the authors ideas for how they can improve their work. Your suggestions may be very specific or more general in nature. Your reviews will be returned to the authors.
  • Remember that other reviewers read your reviews. A thoughtful review not only benefits the authors, but may well benefit you, too.
  • Be thorough. The Explanation of Rating section is a very important part of the review. Your discussion, sometimes more than your score, will help the Art Papers Committee decide which papers to accept.
  • If you do not think the paper is right for the SIGGRAPH Art Papers program, suggest other publication possibilities (journals, conferences, workshops) that would be a better match for the paper.
  • Do not give away your identity.

Online Reviewing

All submissions and their reviews are online. To access submitted papers and materials, log in to the submission portal the same way you would to make a submission to SIGGRAPH 2018, using your existing electronic submission account.

When You’re Done

When you have completed your review, you should destroy any paper manuscript that you have printed and/or supporting material (such as images and videos) that you downloaded, as described in the ethics guidelines.