Art Papers:
Submission Information



SIGGRAPH 2018 Art Papers must be submitted in one of the following four categories:

Project Description

A description of a creative work or artistic/collaborative process with particular emphasis on its historical and/or theoretical grounding or significance.

Theory or Criticism

Exposition of a significant issue for contemporary digital art and design practice as it relates to SIGGRAPH topics, such as computer graphics, interactive media, VR/AR, AI/ML, etc.


Novel techniques for digital arts practices, with an emphasis on critical and creative uses of emerging technologies, VR/AR, computing, immersion, graphics, and human‐machine interaction.


Papers that engage with the history of electronic art and new media, including collaborative practices; critical making; the history and theory of multimedia computing; virtual, augmented, or mixed reality; and visualization or interactive techniques.

Submission Information

  • Short and Long Paper submissions must adhere to the Art Papers Author Manuscript Guidelines for image-format and file-naming requirements.
  • Utilize the Art Papers Manuscript Template when writing your paper.
  • Maximum word count: Manuscripts may contain a maximum of (3,500 words for Long Art Papers and 2,500 words for Short Art Papers), including bibliographic references. Manuscripts that exceed the word count will not be considered.
  • Submitted papers must be complete and publishable in their current form at time of submission.
  • Submissions must be anonymized and identified solely by their unique submission number as generated by the online SIGGRAPH submission system. All author names and/or other identifying information must be removed from the manuscript prior to submission. Submissions that are not anonymized will be deemed ineligible and rejected.
  • Art papers submissions are uploaded in PDF format. The submission ID should appear instead of the author’s name in your uploaded art paper PDF file. See the Art Papers Author Manuscript Guidelines and the Art Papers Manuscript Template for where to include the submission ID in the manuscript PDF.
  • Any figures or images included in the paper must be camera ready and NOT contain either your submission ID or any other identifying marks. See the Art Papers Author Manuscript Guidelines for figure dimensions and file-format requirements. Figures must be uploaded at time of submission as individual files in addition to the PDF.
  • It is necessary to complete a separate online submission form for each art paper you intend to submit.
  • Papers must employ proper use of academic written English. Non-native English speakers may use the English Review Service to help improve the text of submissions. Please note that this process takes time, so plan far ahead in order to meet the submission deadline.
  • Papers must include substantial, relevant citations and a references and notes section.
  • For time‐based works, links to videos provided as supporting materials are encouraged. The video should keep the author identities anonymous. The maximum file size for videos supplied as supporting materials is 100 MB. File format must be either .MP4 or .MOV The video(s) must be uploaded at time of submission.
  • Prior to writing and submitting papers for submission, authors are encouraged to review sample Art Paper articles published in the special issues of Leonardo in 2014 and 2015. For example, these examples fulfill the submission criteria:

Kayla Anderson, Object Intermediaries: How New Media Artists Translate the Language of Things (2014)

Esteban García Bravo & Jorge A. García, Yturralde: Impossible Figure Generator (2015)

  • If accepted, at least one author is required to register for and attend SIGGRAPH to present the paper.
  • Upon Acceptance: If your paper is ACCEPTED for publication, you will be REQUIRED to submit a 30-second video summarizing the key contributions of your paper to be used for promotional trailers. The video must adhere to the following specifications:

Quicktime .mov format required, H.264 codec export

29.97 FPS

16:9 aspect ratio

30 seconds duration maximum (shorter than 30 seconds is OK, but not longer).

Musical background audio track without vocals that you have permissions to use in the audio track of this video.


Supplemental Materials

Authors are permitted to provide up to three additional supplementary materials that will be posted on the MIT Press web site to accompany the paper. Multimedia content may include videos, code, audio files, as well as additional images and/or other supplemental text files (up to 100MB each). Each file must be accompanied with a title, 50-word description, and caption (including any credits and copyright information). Video file formats accepted are: .mov, .avi or .mp4.

All complete submissions received by the deadline will be acknowledged by email. For this purpose, a submission is complete if a paper-ID has been assigned, and a PDF file of the paper, a 50-word description, and a representative image have been successfully uploaded. Such submissions will be reviewed unless they are withdrawn by the author. For more information about the Art Papers submission and review process, please refer to the Submissions FAQ.


Important Forms

If a third party created some component of your submission and has granted you the right to include it, they will need to complete the Leonardo Image Permission and Release (Form A) and return it to you. Please forward the completed form to SIGGRAPH 2018 Conference Administration via email (

If you have commissioned someone to take, provide, or otherwise create an image or piece of work specifically for inclusion in your submission, that person will need to complete the Leonardo Work for Hire Permission and Release (Form B) and return it to you. Please forward the completed form to SIGGRAPH 2018 Conference Administration via email (

For more information about uploading files for your submission, please see Uploading Files.