The SIGGRAPH 2018 Business Symposium is an opportunity for business leaders to connect with the best and brightest from the computer graphics and interactive techniques communities.

Let’s Talk Business

Benefit from the best of SIGGRAPH in a single, impact-filled and curated day of content and events. The SIGGRAPH 2018 Business Symposium provides busy decision-makers with premium access to a number of key SIGGRAPH venues and a variety of VIP experiences.

Business Symposium attendees include executives and top creative experts from the content creation industry, computer graphic pioneers, investors, economic development executives, government policy makers, and those from the broader community who want insights into computer-graphics-related business opportunities.

Topics will include:  top trends in the industry including the future impact of AR/VR; advances in serious and casual gaming; cinema; location-based entertainment; cognitive and visual computing; the internet of things; data science, and more.

VIP access to reserved seating for the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival will be provided and networking opportunities will be provided throughout the day, as well as a guided VIP conference tour.

Business Development Chair

Paul Salvini