Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Come play with the future. New at SIGGRAPH 2018, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality are on tap in the Immersive Pavilion, as we celebrate the evolution of the medium.

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Experience the Future

As virtual reality (VR) expands into the consumer market, and augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) get ready for prime time, SIGGRAPH 2018 will be the place to take a deep dive into these emerging media. In 2018, we are featuring a new space: the Immersive Pavilion, which will be devoted exclusively to these mediums.

The Immersive Pavilion is the place to experience, play, and learn about the latest technological advances. It will host physical spaces to learn about the advancements in immersive realities such as the Vrcade (games and experiences), the VR Theater (storytelling) and the Village (installations).

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Chair

Pol Jeremias

Callie Holderman, Daniel Filonik, Jonali Bhattacharyya, Jonathan Nitiparasong, Jules Kenville, Monica Cappiello, Ollie Shaw

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