Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality: Submission Content Types


We are looking for new, innovative, and interesting experiences. An ideal experience is immersive; it lets participants live a different moment. The topic is open, and it can range from an experience based on a Hollywood blockbuster film to experiences that are part of a research project.


We are looking for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality games, which could be delivered through mobile or wearable devices, haptic technologies, or even a room-scale environment. Content should be interesting, innovative, and push the boundaries of computer graphics and interactivity.


An installation is a stand-alone demonstration that can be unsupervised or supervised and allows attendee interaction. Installations encompass the classic submissions from previous SIGGRAPH submissions, usually focused on research. Please keep in mind that supervised installations will require you to be on-duty with your installation throughout the conference.

Story (interactive/non-interactive)

Stories can be told so the viewer has a certain level of decision-making (interactive, similar to the “Choose your own adventure” books) or completely passive (non-interactive) where viewers just watch the story unfold in front of their eyes.


If you are unsure of which category your project falls under, or if it is a completely new concept, we are happy to review any content type not listed above. Examples include, but are not limited to:
● A demonstration, which can be an interactive one-on-one experience, a group experience, or a presentation that features a few participants with multiple onlookers (e.g. a 3D scanning technology where a participant is scanned into an environment in front of an audience, with a presenter demonstrating a particular experience).
● A performance that is dynamic and involves interactive audience participation. Performances could take place one or more times during the conference, depending on their technical and physical requirements.
● Something else!

Please keep in mind the length of time for attendees to interact with your project. The Immersive Pavillion will attract a large volume of attendees; therefore, content ideally can be experienced in 2-5 minutes.