International Resources Committee

Industry experts from across the globe meet at SIGGRAPH to collaborate, learn and be inspired. Comprehension and communication is critical: Enter the International Resources Committee.


The ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee (IRC) is staffed by volunteers representing the regions of the world. Working throughout the year, we facilitate worldwide collaboration within the SIGGRAPH community and encourage participation in all programs and events that are part of ACM SIGGRAPH.

At the SIGGRAPH conference, the IRC hosts the International Center, housing a visitor-services booth to welcome our international visitors, a lounge, and the ACM SIGGRAPH Theater: a space for meetings, talks, and demos. At the SIGGRAPH Asia conference, we host a visitor-services booth. We are responsible for organizing all the regional meetings, covering all continents, and also for the well-known Women in CG panel.

Throughout the year, other duties include:
● Providing English Review Service for submissions to the conference.
● Producing information services that make the conference more accessible to international attendees (multilingual podcasts of programs like Emerging Technologies, Art Gallery, VR Village, and web content).
● Connecting with ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters, Education Committee, the Digital Arts Community, and other international entities.

Are you a planetary citizen interested in international culture and the state of computer graphics across the globe? The International Resources Committee is always looking for people interested in joining us, to help with our year-round activities, including work at the SIGGRAPH conferences. Connect with us to find out more:

Organization Volunteer Form

ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee Chair

Diana Arellano

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find out if I need a visa to attend SIGGRAPH 2018?

We provide basic information in our section How To Apply for a Visa. However, we strongly encourage you to visit the Immigration and Citizenship section of the Government of Canada website.

I need an invitation letter (letter of recognition) to apply for a visa. How can I request one?

You must register for SIGGRAPH 2018 before you can request or receive an invitation letter (or letter of recognition). If you register online, and reside outside Canada or the USA, you will automatically receive your letter of invitation in the confirmation email after you complete your registration. If you register by postal or courier service or fax, please request a letter of invitation directly from our conference registration team.

If you have questions regarding your letter, or need to request one, please contact Lauren Matthews

I have heard that you provide multilingual audio guides about the work shown in the Art Gallery, Emerging Technologies, Studio and Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. Where can I download them?

The audio guides are available in several languages (e.g. Japanese, Korean, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, Spanish, French, Portuguese) and can be found on the International Resources website

What kind of translation support can an international attendee or contributor receive at SIGGRAPH 2018?

During the conference week, Student Volunteers and the International Resources Committee (who are fluent in many languages) are available to help with basic translation questions, along with answering questions and problems that may arise for attendees. However, the students are not available to act as personal interpreters for any of the conference programs. At SIGGRAPH 2018 visit the International Center.

How can I find out if other people from my country or region are attending SIGGRAPH 2018?

During the conference, the International Center is a good meeting place as it is specifically designed to provide a comfortable area to network and meet other international attendees. The International Resources Committee also organizes regional sessions dedicated to highlight the best of CG in the world. Check the schedule of these sessions held in the ACM SIGGRAPH Theater. (Schedules to be posted in June 2018.)

Prior to the conference, you can contact your local ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter and inquire about possible meetups or get-togethers happening during SIGGRAPH. See the Chapters Directory to find out if there is a chapter in your local area.

Is there an area in the International Center to hold interviews with the press, to give a presentation, or to have a meeting?

Yes. To reserve the area for an interview, presentation, or meeting, please contact the International Resources Chair few months in advance before the beginning of the conference.