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Go behind the scenes of the SIGGRAPH conference with contributors and volunteers on the SIGGRAPH Spotlight podcast, where we explore computer graphics and interactive techniques one episode at a time. All podcast episodes are shared on the ACM SIGGRAPH blog or are available by subscribing to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.

Episode 10 – SIGGRAPH, Leonardo, and the Future of Art

To celebrate the “generations” of SIGGRAPH and Leonardo/ISAST, Danielle Siembieda (Managing Director, Leonardo/ISAST) sat down with an expert panel to discuss Leonardo’s history with the SIGGRAPH conference, its upcoming 50th anniversary and where the future of art — and the conference — is headed. Panelists include: Ernest Edmonds (Professor of Computational Art, De Montfort University; Founding Director, Creativity and Cognition Studios, University of Technology, Sydney), Jacquelyn Martino, Ph.D. (STSM, IBM Research AI), Andrés Burbano (Associate Professor – Design Department, Universidad de los Andes; Art Gallery chair, SIGGRAPH 2018), Roger Malina (Distinguished Professor of Art and Technology, and Professor of Physics, University of Texas at Dallas; Executive Editor, Leonardo Publications, MIT Press), and Angus Forbes (Assistant Professor – Computational Media Department, University of California, Santa Cruz; Art Papers chair, SIGGRAPH 2018)., 2017-12-22

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Episode 9 – Mohammed Saeed Harib

Hot off the heels of SIGGRAPH Asia 2017, the ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee brings you another new episode of SIGGRAPH This time IRC member Anupama Hiregouda sits down with Mohammed Saeed Harib (animator), of the United Arab Emirates, to talk about his work on the UAE-based cartoon series “FREEJ” and reflect on the animation industry., 2017-12-01

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Episode 8 – SIGGRAPH Asia’s Pisut Wisessing and Marisa Ginger Tontaveetong

In this latest SIGGRAPH Spotlight installment, ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee (IRC) member Bektur Ryskeldiev (Ph.D. candidate, University of Aizu) sits down with SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Student Volunteer Chair Pisut Wisessing (Ph.D. candidate, Trinity College Dublin) and Computer Animation Festival Producer Marisa Ginger Tontaveetong (executive director, ASIFA-South) to talk about their careers, work with SIGGRAPH, and insights on the upcoming conference in Thailand, 27-30 November., 2017-11-24

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Episode 7 – Neurable

In this latest SIGGRAPH Spotlight installment, SIGGRAPH 2017 VR Village Chair Denise Quesnel sits down with one of the creators of the virtual and augmented reality experience Neurable, Ramses Alcaide (President and CEO, Neurable). The experience uses neuroscientific insights and advanced machine learning to interpret user intent., 2017-11-17

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Episode 6 – Pixar’s Ed Catmull and Tony DeRose

This week on SIGGRAPH Spotlight, SIGGRAPH 2018 Technical Papers Chair Mathieu Desbrun is joined by Ed Catmull (co-founder, Pixar Animation Studios; president, Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios) and Tony DeRose (senior scientist, Pixar Animation Studios) to talk about the history and future of computer graphics research., 2017-10-27

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Episode 5 – Animation in Asia with Juck Somsaman by ACM SIGGRAPH | posted in: Animation, Conferences, Industry

In the latest edition of the SIGGRAPH Spotlight podcast, ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee member Rebecca Ko (co-founder, Rooftop Animation) sits down with SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Computer Animation Festival Chair Juck Somsaman (founder, The Monk Studio) to talk about his work in animation and the upcoming SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 conference in Thailand., 2017-10-13

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Episode 4 – VR Village ‘HOLO-DOODLE’

In this bonus on-site episode of the SIGGRAPH Spotlight podcast, SIGGRAPH 2017 VR Village Chair Denise Quesnel is joined by the industry-leading creators of the debut “HOLO-DOODLE” VR experience that kicks off today at 1:30 pm PST in the VR Village. Voices include Terrence Masson (School of Visual Arts), Ken Perlin (New York University), Daffy London (Daffy London), and Laura Dohrmann (Daffy London)., 2017-07-30

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Spotlight: Episode 3 – Appy Hour

The latest episode of the SIGGRAPH Spotlight podcast features a discussion between SIGGRAPH 2017 Mobile Chair Akshay Agarwal and two Appy Hour contributors: Nelson Chu (Independent Developer) of “Expresii Watercolor” and Masood Kamandy (Pasadena City College) of “Oblique: A New Way to Photograph.”, 2017-07-28

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Episode 2 – Computer Animation Festival ‘Song of a Toad’

In the second episode of the SIGGRAPH Spotlight podcast, SIGGRAPH 2017 Computer Animation Festival Director Pol Jeremias sits down with three of the creators behind the Best in Show winning animated short “Song of a Toad,” part of this year’s Electronic Theater. Filmmakers featured include Kariem Saleh (RISE | Visual Effects Studios), Alexandra Stautmeister (Studio Soi), and Vincent Ullmann (MPC). The film was a student project during their time at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg., 2017-07-21

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Episode 1 – VR Village ‘Heroes’

ntroducing the all-new SIGGRAPH Spotlight podcast! In our inaugural podcast episode, SIGGRAPH 2017 VR Village Chair Denise Quesnel sits down with “Heroes: The Making of an Interactive, Mixed-Reality Duet” creators Melissa Painter (MAP Design Lab) and Csilla Kozma (Nokia Technologies) as well as SIGGRAPH conference veteran Jill Smolin (Nokia Technologies) to discuss the process for the project and what attendees of the conference, 30 July–3 August, can expect to see., 2017-07-14

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