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You live to create, to bring your ideas to life through art and design. You love using new technology to support and realize your vision.

Supporting the Imagination

Why Siggraph?

SIGGRAPH 2018 is the point of convergence for forward-thinking, creative minds. The conference includes the Art Papers and Art Gallery programs, which celebrate and advance the latest practices in digital art. You can also connect with other creatives through networking activities, express yourself in the Studio, and experience inspiring applications of interactive techniques. Enrich your creative life at SIGGRAPH.


The talks, panels, courses and Bird of a Feather at SIGGRAPH 2018 will stir your mind and reinvigorate your imagination. Content accepted in the Art Papers program at SIGGRAPH is published in Leonardo, The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology (MIT Press).


SIGGRAPH 2018 programs like the Art Gallery, Art Papers and the Studio celebrate the imagination and spark dialogue between artists, makers and designers. Get a glimpse at how new technologies are being applied to art, and return to your own work with newfound inspiration.


Check out the SIGGRAPH 2018 exhibition for a full display of the newest computer graphic and interactive technologies. Chat with exhibitors to understand their innovations, and test them out yourself to see how they can apply to your creative life. It’s your playground. Play!


SIGGRAPH 2018 provides attendees access to a variety of networking opportunities, such as the SIGGRAPH reception, Birds of a Feather sessions and the Computer Animation Festival. Learn what others are working on, share ideas with peers, and create lasting professional connections.