Production & Animation

You’re an engineer of alternate reality. You create visually engaging worlds and breathe life into characters using your imagination and the latest computer graphics technology and workflows.

Build Your Skills

Why Siggraph?

SIGGRAPH 2018 is where technological and creative minds converge. The SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival presents the world’s most innovative flat screen and virtual storytelling experiences, and is recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a qualifying festival. Production sessions look at the most current computer graphics technologies and techniques, and the jam-packed exhibition showcases software and hardware to revolutionize the way you work. You’ll be inspired long after the conference has ended.


Work better. Attend educational talks, sessions and panels at SIGGRAPH 2018 to gain insights into how to work with the latest advances in computer graphics technology. See examples of how others are pushing the limits of production and animation. Experience demos and screenings that will deepen your understanding of new techniques.


Attending SIGGRAPH 2018 is like turning to the last page of a book — but, in the case of new technologies, spoilers are welcome. Get a glimpse at what the near future of your work will look like, and walk away inspired to innovate.


SIGGRAPH is your playground. Check out the SIGGRAPH 2018 exhibition for a full array of the most cutting-edge hardware and software. Chat with exhibitors to learn about the technology, and test drive what’s new to find your next go-to solution.


SIGGRAPH 2018 provides attendees access to a variety of networking opportunities, such as the SIGGRAPH reception, Birds of a Feather sessions and the Computer Animation Festival. Join thousands of professionals from the production and animation sector and discover what they’re working on, why they’re excited, and where the industry is headed.