Studio: Proposal Guidelines

Possible Platforms

New technologies, tools, and techniques that make, build, transform, and create things are what the Studio is all about. These technologies should provide new ways to acquire data, transform information, or produce tangible results. They will be used in the Studio by attendees from all backgrounds and experience levels. We encourage you to envision how attendees might benefit from learning about, and using, your technology. In the past, the Studio has presented 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, Arduino kits, and more. Submissions that focus on how these tools can support the creation of transitional spaces are encouraged.

Topics of Interest

  • Manufacturing Technology – Proposals that include and promote the next wave of manufacturing technology are strongly encouraged. Whether you’re making the next style of 3D printer, or building the machine that will replace it, we want it in the Studio. These technologies will be given high priority.
  • Interactivity – Proposals that encourage physical engagement in virtual displays or physical displays as well as the inverse of virtual data or digital input that encourages physical action will be given high priority.
  • Experience Design – Members of this newly formed design community are encouraged to submit practical, experimental, substantiated, and theoretical proposals on creating an experience.
  • Mobile/Haptics – Proposals related to entertainment and/or the use of hand-held, wearable, or remote devices that explore relationships among the body, data capture, feedback, and usability
  • 3D Worlds Design – This topic includes processes, production, content generation, concepts, or strategies in 3D imaging, gaming, or wearables.
  • Have something you think will fit? The Studio interested in all technologies that engage the attendee and allow them to create something on the spot. Don’t hesitate to apply even if you don’t fit one of the above, but feel you have something people need to experience.
  • AR/VR – Submissions in this category should focus on the Studio topic of places that are synchronous. Body extension, prosthesis modeling, interaction, usability, and playability relationships will be given priority.