Siggraph In The News

SIGGRAPH conferences spark the imagination of researchers, artists and the professionals who are passionately involved in creating a new generation of computer graphics and interactive techniques. Explore just some of the stories from the worldwide press.

A Game you can Control With Your Mind

The New York Times, 2017-08-27

Autodesk mit Viel Neuem auf der SIGGRAPH 2017 (Autodesk With Much new on the SIGGRAPH 2017)

Digital Production, 2017-08-24

postPerspective Names Winners of Impact Awards From SIGGRAPH 2017

ADOTAS, 2017-08-21

Upload LA Event: Creating a Full-Body Interactive Game with Enflux Mocap Clothing

UploadVR, 2017-08-20

A new Video Call Editing Tool Could be Used to Create Fake Video Conferencing Calls

VC Daily, 2017-08-16

Move Objects With Your Mind – Telekinesis is Coming to a Human Brain Near You

New Statesman, 2017-08-11

Mind-Controlled VR Game Really Works

MIT Technology Review, 2017-08-09

SIGGRAPH 2017: RenderMan 22

Digital Production, 2017-08-09

VIDEO: Disney Research Enhances Realistic Animated Speech Using Advanced lip Sync Technology

Inside the Magic, 2017-08-09

MIT researchers develop software to optimize 3D printing by simulating physical properties of printed objects, 2017-08-08

Should NVIDIA Worry About AMD’s Radeon RX Vega GPUs?

Market Realist, 2017-08-08

The Real-time Motion Capture Behind ‘Hellblade’

Engadget, 2017-08-08

Disney And Other Researchers Are Developing A New Method For Automated Real-Time Lip Sync

Cartoon Brew, 2017-08-08

Software lets designers exploit the extremely high resolution of 3-D printers

Space Daily, 2017-08-07

Startup Neurable Unveils the World’s First Brain-Controlled VR Game

IEEE Spectrum, 2017-08-07

MIT, Google join hands to retouch

Deccan Chronicle, 2017-08-06

Change the Composition After you Shoot? Computational Zoom Makes it Possible

Digital Trends, 2017-08-03

MIT and Google’s new algorithms can retouch your photos before you take them

The Irish News, 2017-08-03

Titans’ Work Displayed at National Computer Graphics Conference

OCRegister, 2017-08-03

Autodesk Highlights Next-Gen Storytelling & Collaboration Tools at SIGGRAPH 2017

Animation World Network, 2017-08-01

Automatic Image Retouching on Your Phone

MIT News, 2017-08-01

U.S. govt warns businesses about cyber bug in Intel chips

Yahoo Finance UK, 2017-07-31

Hardware Becomes More Mobile With new Products Debuting at SIGGRAPH

Cadalyst Magazine, 2017-07-31

Colorizing images with deep neural networks

Science Daily, 2017-07-25