Speaker Preparation Room & Session Room Equipment

All presenters are required to check in at the Speaker Preparation Room soon after they pick up their credentials at SIGGRAPH 2018 Contributor Registration. This is the time for you to confirm your AV and computer-equipment requests, upload your presentation to the presentation server, rehearse your presentation, and inquire about any additional presentation needs you may have while you’re at the conference. We’ll also have your speaker ribbon there.

Presentation Technology Available at SIGGRAPH 2018

Each session room at SIGGRAPH 2018 has a Macintosh and a PC equipped with fast processors, loads of RAM, network connectivity, and removable media options. These computers are interfaced to ultra-bright, 1920 x 1080 resolution projectors. If your presentation looks good on your monitor, it will look good on the SIGGRAPH 2018 projection screen.

SIGGRAPH 2018 Presentation Management System

Using the resources available in the Speaker Preparation Room, contributors can load, edit, tweak, and test their electronic presentations. The Speaker Preparation Room staff will upload your material to the presentation server for delivery to the computers in the session rooms. Access to the presentation archives is limited to Speaker Preparation Room staff and individual speakers. After your files are loaded on the server, you have full access to them until one hour before presentation time. Files are deleted from the presentation server at the end of the week.

Practice Rooms

Speaker practice rooms will be available as a service of the Speaker Preparation Room.

Session Room Equipment

SIGGRAPH 2018 provides a 16:9 aspect ratio for all session rooms. All screens and projectors are 16:9, so to take advantage of the wide-screen format, you will need to create your slides in 16:9. Please note that it is not mandatory to use the 16:9 format, but if you do not, your slides will appear “pillar boxed.”

Technical Sessions Equipment

SIGGRAPH 2018 provides a generous array of presentation technology in the technical session rooms. The standard setup includes a screen, a high-resolution video/data projector, a standing lectern, a laser pointer, two head-table microphones, lectern microphone, wireless lavaliere microphone, a Windows PC, and a Macintosh.

All the computers are connected to a switcher at the lectern that feeds the high-resolution video/data projector.

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